Energy Meters Solutions

Electrical energy consumption is increasing every day so is the gap between the demand and its supply. In order to put this energy in effective usage and bridge demand/supply gaps, measurement of consumption or transfer of energy at all the points in the electrical grid is essential. With the advent of static energy meters, not only the consumption but lot other features related to energy usage are possible and can be offered in a single compact enclosure.

Linkwell Telesystems Pvt. Ltd., started the journey of making static energy meters in the last decade and within short span established itself as a quality and competitive manufacturer with the vast electronics manufacturing experience behind it. VISIONTEK is our brand name for all the products we do.

Our energy meter series began mainly focusing on revenue metering solutions for single-phase and three-phase electrical circuits. Presently the energy meter product line consists of single phase and three phase whole current and three phase instrument transformer operated trivector energy meters for revenue metering and energy auditing. These meters have features suitable for trivector energy measurement, time of day/use consumption, maximum demand indication and also get load profiles and event logging with various communication options both wired and wireless. Our three phase whole current and instrument operated meters are developed with communication protocols in accordance with BIS ETD 13 ICS Doc. 6211, April 2010 for Category A and Category C applications which is an Interoperable communication protocol specifications in India.      Read More >>


About Visiontek

VISIONTEK ® is the 'Brand name' for all products & solutions offered by Linkwell Telesystems Pvt.Ltd. Our product line comprises of Payphones,3G Wireless Products, Transaction Terminals, GSM Modems, Energy Meters, EVD & AMR Solutions.  Read More >>